Style Saturday: Major Spoilers

Style Saturday is a weekly meme hosted by Alison at The Cheap Reader.  The picture belongs to her, too.

This week’s topic is Major Spoilers

I have a horrible tendency to spoil things for myself.  Either I guess a plot twist or I spend too much time reading about what I want to read instead of just reading it.  And I always read past the point in a review where it says “spoilers ahead.”  I don’t particularly like that I never let myself enjoy a surprise, but sometimes I’d rather know what I’m getting into.  Sometimes having a plot spoiled keeps me reading (I must get to the part where the big things happens!!) or it prevents me from reading something I’d probably hate (the solution to the mystery is that ghosts are real).  Other times it keeps me from some major heartbreak (knowing that someone dies, for example).  So I would say I am pretty lax about spoilers.

Then again, one of my most awesome reading experiences comes from my sixth grade English class.  My teacher read us a book without telling us anything about it beforehand – not the title, not the author, not a synopsis of the plot or characters.  I can remember us all being so involved in the story because it was a great story, but also being totally intrigued because we did not know the title of it.  How do you talk about a book that you don’t know the title of?  What was this awesome book she was reading to us????  Spoiler: the book was Z is for Zachariah.  I will never ever forget that title because of what a big deal it was to finally learn the name of the book!

Perhaps then I should try to experience more books without doing a ton of research first.  I will probably still get spoilered on many things, especially as I am getting acquainted with the book blogging world, but every so often it’d be nice to relive the excitement of the Z is for Zachariah days!

One thought on “Style Saturday: Major Spoilers

  1. Interesting point about spoilers keeping you reading. I hadn’t thought of that but it’s true. I sometimes seek out spoilers to see if a book is worth sticking with.

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