TGIF: The Reading Blues

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TGIF at GReads is a feature for recapping the week’s posts and answering a book-blogging question posed by Ginger.  I try to join in from time to time when I have some interesting thoughts on the question at hand.

This week the question is: Reading Blues: We all get them from time to time. What helps you overcome those reading slumps when nothing seems to grab your attention?

This question comes at a great time because I am (sort of) in the middle of reading slump.  I went on a library hold request spree a month or so ago and as the holds pour in, I find myself not wanting to read books that I know I would actually like… if I was in the mood for them.  You see, I didn’t believe it was possible to wear myself out on dystopia or other sorts of action-y or sci-fi books.  But I think I might have overdone it.  Because all I want to do these days is watch baseball.  Or go to the gym.  Or clean.  I know, I might be losing it.

So what do I do?  Well, I didn’t finish one book, returned another to the library without reading, and put another library book down in favor of watching baseball and reading a romance novel (On the Island) I bought last month, but hadn’t read.  Then I went to the library and picked up another adult romance (Attachments) which I’m nearly halfway through.  I guess a change of genre was all I really needed to get me back to the books!

I also want to address how blogging has played into my reading slump, though.  Before I started blogging, I probably would have let my interests wander and would have happily taken advantage of my increased interest in exercising and scrubbing the bathtub.  Maybe I would have taken the opportunity to reread Harry Potter or even just taken a break from reading for a few weeks.  Now that I blog, though, I want to keep putting out reviews, which means I need to be pretty much constantly engaged in a book or two.  I am perfectly happy to read more (that was one of my goals in starting this blog), but another of my goals in starting a book blog was to read better.  That is, to be happier with what I read and to read more things that I actually like.  So I am giving myself to permission to read what I like, consequences be damned!  Hopefully that, in and of itself, will keep me out of another reading slump.

What do you do when you hit a reading slump?  Has blogging played into how you handle them?

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16 thoughts on “TGIF: The Reading Blues

  1. An awesome idea is to listen to an audiobook. That way you don’t have to focus your eyes on absorbing what you’re reading… you just LISTEN. And there’s something fab about being read to as an adult, hahahaa.

    • Great suggestion! I love listening to audiobooks in my car while I drive to and from work… it has become my little way of destressing on my commute and I actually look forward to driving (which is something I’ve never much liked doing).

  2. I change up genres when I hit a slump and that usually pulls me out of it. I try not to read too many books in the same genre because I get burned out on them so lately I’ve limited myself to one fantasy (which I’ve been reading a lot of) and then something like historical fiction to keep it different.

    Blogging has changed the way I read too, but unfortunately, I managed to get behind on posts and there hasn’t been much on my blog lately. I need to change that.

    • I have a personal quirk in which I will get really obsessed with a particular something like a book genre or bagels and I will read or eat them until I get so sick of them that I either give them up entirely or take a long break before I go back. It is just how I’ve always been, so I try to remember that sometimes a little variety will smooth things out.

    • Thank you! There should be a black wordpress follow button at the bottom of the page, also there is an orange RSS button at the top so you can add the blog to the reader of your choice. I am also on twitter, so you can follow me there. HTH!

  3. I think I’m going through the same thing as you. I used to absorb books, reading them in a day, two at the most. But then I started blogging and now I sometimes get this feeling like reading has become a chore. I still enjoy it but feel like I HAVE to read rather than WANT to read when I get into these slumps. Something I’m trying to do is stop telling myself that I have to read a certain book because it’s popular and everyone else is reviewing it; if it doesn’t interest me, I shouldn’t read it because there are more books out there that DO interest me! Reminding myself of this usually pulls me out of the slump. Or I’ll pull out a comfort book or movie and read/watch that… that typically tends to light a fire under me to get back to reading!

    • A couple of the books I have sitting at home are those “everyone else loved it, so I have to read it” sorts. I hate to miss out on a great book, obviously, but I try to remind myself that if I don’t read it right now, it doesn’t mean I’ll never get a chance again. And you’re right, if it doesn’t interest me, why am I getting so worked up over it? There are SO many books out there, why waste time reading things I don’t like?

    • Yes, there is definitely added pressure to be reading and reviewing constantly or to be reading a particular genre… something I’m not sure I grasped before I started this. But I love blogging and reading, so I just have to find ways to make them fun and not guilt-inducing!

  4. I loved your post!
    Book blogging has changed me as a reader as well. Incredibly. I read more, know so much more, get to know about new and amazing books through fellow book bloggers, I’ve discovered interesting sites and what not! I’m loving every bit of it! 😀

    I usually shift to a new genre for a while or take a break for a day or two, indulge in something entirely different. The small break’s enough to make me itch for those books again! 😛

    New follower!

  5. Reading slumps are so hard as a blogger. Sounds like you found a way out of the slump by changing up the genre and reading what you want. Like you, I’m a dystopian fan but I have to read contemporary and paranormal in between or it will be too much. Your plan to read what you like is something that should make you a happier reader and blogger in the long run.

    I’m in a bit of a review slump right now but the reading is going great 🙂

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