Second Helpings- Megan McCafferty

Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty

Dear Jessica Darling,

It was really nice to see you loosen up a bit your senior year.  Quitting all your extracurriculars because you don’t like them and continuing to write and run on your own terms?  Calling out Paul Parlipiano for his proto-hipster hypocrisy?  Finally discovering you have the Talent for Writing?  You go girl!  And you got yourself a boyfriend!  Lev was, well, let’s just say I’m glad that ended.  I love nerds, but you can do better.

Even when you weren’t using your very best judgment, I was still on your side.  I don’t generally approve of teenagers experimenting with drugs or lying to their parents about where they are going to college.  However, I know you’re intelligent enough to learn from your mistakes (maybe).  If I can continue to be a little corny, I just want to say that I was pretty happy to see you opening yourself up to friendships with people other than Hope.  Seeing you connect with Bridget, Pepe, and your father made me smile.

You and Marcus finally had your big moment (!!!) and, girl, I am SO happy for you!  But Jess, don’t you think you could have forgiven him a little earlier?  Or maybe have talked to him more this past year?  I really missed your recounting of the conversations you’d have with him.  Marcus is awesome and I heard more about him from Gladdie than from you!

Oh, and Jess, you used to be super-charming in that early 2000s way, but now you have a sudden obsession with the 80s.  And I know that the 80s were retro-cool back in 2003 (believe me, I was there), but part of why I want to be your BFF is that you get what being a teen in the 00s was like.  You used to joke about Dawson’s Creek.  Now I question if your Jake Ryan obsession makes you sound about 15 years older than you actually are.

Anyways, I look forward to hearing how college goes for you.  (Really, though, Columbia?  I mean, that just rubs my state-university-educated self the wrong way.)  And please, please, please make things work with Marcus.  That boy is good for you.  Also, can I add you to my AIM buddylist?  I am the queen of the witty away status.

Epistolarily yours,

P.S. And if you are seeking a more typical review, how about checking out what Kyle @ A Reader’s Pensieve has to say?

9 thoughts on “Second Helpings- Megan McCafferty

    • I’m glad you liked it! I was a little worried it might be a little silly, writing letters to fictional characters and all… And you’re welcome for the link!

  1. you made me laugh out loud (i refuse to initialize that, sue me). it’s been a while since i read these books, but your review seems on the money. love marcus. ~dixie

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