TGIF: Best of 2012 (Part I)

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TGIF at GReads is a fun feature for recapping the week’s posts (I don’t have any because this is the first post back after a little hiatus) and answering a book-blogging question posed by Ginger.

This week the question is: Best I’ve Read So Far: We’re half way through the year (crazy how time flies!), which top 3 books are the best you’ve read so far this year?

Unwind by Neal Schusterman– This is probably my favorite dystopia read and was one of those books that dealt with big issues like organ transplants and abortion in a balanced, smart way.  I loved that everything was shades of gray, there were no good answers, and that we got to see the bad teenagers find the good in themselves.  Also, very good audio!

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell– Such a delightful rom-com of a book!  The characters are spot-on.  You will want to befriend them all.  It’s the sort of book that I kick myself for checking out of the library.  I know I’ll want to revisit it!!

The Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness– This might be the only set of books that I’ve actually pushed people in my real life to read this year.  They’re just that good!

What are some of your favorite reads of the year?  What book should I not wait another minute to get to?

8 thoughts on “TGIF: Best of 2012 (Part I)

  1. Oh gosh, the Chaos Walking trilogy… Those books… wow. There are no words for how wonderful they are! I haven’t read the other two, but they sound great!

    • You’ll like the second two, I’m sure! I would like to revisit the series one of these days, it was soooo good and I’d like to take a little more time to mull over it instead of speeding through, wanting to know what happens next!

    • I haven’t tried the audiobooks of the series… but I totally raced through the print versions! I wasn’t blogging yet when I read them, so I don’t really remember having any major issues with them. Then again, I may have been blind to flaws given how much I loved Todd and Viola!

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