September 2012 Roundup

September was a decent month for reading, if not blogging.  I have discovered that I actually prefer to read on my Kindle and that I read a lot faster when I use it.  Now I just need unlimited monies with which to purchase ebooks or better selection of ebooks from the library!  Blogging-wise, I am slowly getting back on track (and cutting myself some slack for when I just don’t feel like blogging).  I’m trying to participate in the Top Ten Tuesdays again because that seems to keep me motivated to read and comment on people’s blogs.  Also, I sort of hate myself if all I post is a TTT in a week, so it kind of motivates me to write something else, too.  And I may have worn myself out on romances so I might actually have thoughts on what I read to share with you all… romances are pretty formulaic and as much as I like them, I rarely have much to say about them beyond “good” or “not so good.”

Books Read (with links to my review/Goodreads):

Back to Basics by Erin McCarthy– This romance about a park ranger and a runaway bride was cheap on amazon and I really like this author, but this was just a quick, silly read… not as much depth to the relationship or characters as in her racecar series, which was pretty disappointing.

Bad Boys Do by Victoria Dahl– This romance had two of my favorite things in it: academia and beer.  I really enjoyed this one and will probably read more by the author when I next decide to read romance.

Some Like it Hot by Louisa Edwards– I wanted to like this more than I did- it’s a romance set on a Top Chef-like cooking competition, but as fun as that sounds… I could take or leave this book.

The Floater by Sheryl Sorrentino

UnWholly by Neal Shusterman (review coming soon)

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

In the Works: I just started The Spellman Files and can already tell it’s going to be enjoyable and funny.  I’m participating in the readathon on October 13th, so I am hoping to gather a bunch of scary stories to read for that.  After finishing Gone Girl, all I really want to do is curl up with some psychological thrillers and stories about crazy people.  If you have some good recommendations or tips for the readathon, please share with me.  I’m a little nervous I will choose the wrong books and it will ruin the experience!

Also, don’t forget that Alison at The Cheap Reader and I are hosting a read-along of Anne of Avonlea in either November or December.  Everyone is welcome to participate!

What’s going on in your reading/blogging world?

7 thoughts on “September 2012 Roundup

  1. Do you use swagbucks? If not you should! (Google it WP won’t let me link it. I can tweet my my link!) I use it and use my points to Amazon gift cards. It’s a great way to keep your Amazon account full of monies for free!

    I just started UnWholly!

    • I got a lot of amazon gift cards for my birthday back in May and have been slowly making my way through them. I’m hoping it lasts me until December when I can get a restock in Christmas gifts!

      I hope eventually publishers will loosen their death grip on lending ebooks because usually technology things move in the direction of more accessible instead of less accessible, just not sure how long I’ll have to wait for that!

  2. For the readathon, I would recommend having a stack of books to pick from, that way if you aren’t into one right away, you can set it aside and try another. I think I had 5 to pick from last year and I ended up reading 2 completely and started 2 others. I would also suggest not having really long books, since you’ll feel more accomplished if you finish a couple shorter ones 🙂

    I still need to decide what I’m reading this year! I’ll probably spend all week preparing my list and picking up books from the library =D

    • I had about 5 picked out, but will probably try to make the total around 7. I have a feeling I will start getting very picky as the day wears on. I tried to pick short books or YA books (since those may be 300 pages, but read pretty quickly) and I was going for more scary books. I will probably have a post next week of my choices. What I seem to be missing is any sort of suspense which I am really craving after finishing Gone Girl!

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