Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Authors by Genre

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/meme brought to you by the folks over at The Broke and the Bookish (the button also belongs to them).  This week’s theme is Top Ten Favorite Authors In X Genre.

As I’m not a particularly loyal reader to either genres or authors, I’m going to list some of my favorite authors in their respective genres.  Just as a note, for some authors on this list I have only read one book or series, but based on that work I would read more and would recommend checking out their work if you are a fan of that genre.

Women’s Lit

1. Jennifer Weiner

2. Rainbow Rowell


3. Erin McCarthy

4. Victoria Dahl

YA Contemporary

5. John Green

YA Dystopia

6. Neal Shusterman, though he writes other genres for YAs, too!

7. Patrick Ness


8. Lisa Lutz

9. Shirley Jackson

10. Gillian Flynn

What are some of your favorite genre authors?  Anyone I should look into based on my list?

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Authors by Genre

  1. Shirley Jackson is a favorite of mine too and I really need to read some John Green. I read a short story by Patrick Ness and I’m looking forward to the Chaos Walking trilogy now.

    • John Green and Chaos Walking both come highly recommended by me! I went through a phase in high school where I read all of Shirley Jackson’s published works and have re-read a couple this year. Might be time to get back to some of her short stories, as I can only really remember The Lottery.

  2. I like how you split this up. I chose “chick-lit” mostly cause it was the only genre I could get to 10 for. I’m going to have to check out Erin McCarthy because I LOVE Victoria Dahl. Only romance author that is a must for me.

    • I read all over the place, so I wasn’t really sure how else to come up with ten for this topic! I have only read one Victoria Dahl and really liked it, just haven’t felt like romance again since, but when I do she tops my list of authors to pick from!

      If you read Erin McCarthy, start with her racecar driver series, I haven’t tried her paranormal romances so I can’t speak to them. I also read a contemp by her that wasn’t in the racecar series and it was just ok.

  3. I like how you approached the topic and also your taste in books! I have both of Rainbow Rowell’s books in my possession and am making it a priority to read them soon. I also want to catch up on the Green books I haven’t read yet, like Paper Towns. And after reading Gone Girl, I have to read more of Flynn’s stuff. Thanks for the recs!

    • Nothing else she writes is quite up to The Lottery, but I really like her writing style and her seriously weird characters. It’s just so different from anything else I read, I guess that’s why I have always enjoyed it!

  4. Most of the romances I read anymore fall under the “paranormal” category. My faves are Ilona Andrews, Karen Marie Moning, Sharon Shinn. I also like classic fantasy of Tolkein, R. R. Martin, and Terry Goodkind. I like modern fantasy of Neil Gaiman and Phillip Pullman. I likenthe sci-fi of Orson Scott Card. I don’t read much horror but King is my fave. I’m not sure if he qualifies a fantasy or sci-fi or both but S.M. Stirling is great. His Dies the Fire series is great adult dystopia.

    • You list many authors I’ve been meaning to try… like Gaiman and Pullman and Card and Martin, etc. I just haven’t been much in the mood for sci-fi/fantasy in a long time. I’ll get back to it eventually, I’m sure… I’m just a fickle reader!

      • Mood is everything when it comes to choosing what to read. I get in stints where I want to read the same kind of stuff for a while. I picked up Atlas Shrugged from the library today. I wonder if I’ll ever be in the mood for that book, but, hey, I’ll give it a try.

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