The Spellman Files- Lisa Lutz

Isabel Spellman is a private investigator at her family’s PI firm.  She’s a (mostly) reformed bad girl who loves her job and her family, but isn’t totally sold on working for her very crazy family.  Izzy’s family spies on one another, bribes one another, blackmails one another, damages one another’s property, invades one another’s privacy, and takes revenge on one another.  Izzy tries to separate herself from the family business after being tailed and phone-tapped for weeks on end by her parents.  However, she gets sucked into two missing persons cases that she has to finish before she leaves the firm forever.

Oh, this book was just so much fun.  Izzy’s family is crazy and pretty over-the-top, but there is no question that these people love another.  Rae, Izzy’s teenage sister, is also an awesome and very funny character, who is dangerously smart for her age and is fully absorbed into the PI life.  While the mysteries in this book were entertaining (though I figured out one of the missing persons cases early on), what really made this book special was its characters and their ridiculous relationships with one another.  This family wars with one another, makes up with one another, checks up one another, and tries to protect one another from a variety of evils.  It’s sweet that no matter what bad things they do, they still care about one another… even if that care manifests itself in the form of 24-hour surveillance.  All I can say is that I am glad this is not my family!

There are several more (not sure exact number) in this series and I plan on reading them, as I thought this was a really fun ride with some excellent and memorable characters.  If you like your mysteries with a cast of a funny, crazy characters, you will likely get a kick out of this series.

4 thoughts on “The Spellman Files- Lisa Lutz

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!!! I love these books. They’re just flat out fun for me. The 5th book just came out and I think there MAY be a 6th in the works? I hope!
    I wish I had time to reread these. I’d really love to go back to the first book and read them all again!

    • I’m on the third one right now and they are just so much fun. I have four and five checked out from the library, too, so I’m just breezing through the series! I am so glad that you brought them to my attention because I’m not sure I would have ever found them otherwise!

    • Reading these has made me curious about the Stephanie Plum books… I haven’t read them, so I can’t compare, but I can say this series is really fun! It’s sort of refreshing to read after some of the heavier, serious stuff I’ve been reading lately.

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