Series Catch-Up 2012: Intro Post

Brittany over at The Book Addict’s Guide is hosting the Series Catch-Up 2012 to help us all catch up on the numerous series we’ve started but not completed.  I figured this was a perfect opportunity to get back to some of those series I’ve left dangling and it coincided with the Anne of Avonlea read-along Alison and I are doing!

Here’s what I plan on catching up on:

  • Finish the Spellman series (I’m actually almost done with this one, but I plan on putting up a combo review for books 3, 4, and 5 during this event)
  • Continue with the Anne Shirley series by reading Anne of Avonlea
  • Finish out the Jessica Darling series by reading Perfect Fifths
  • Finish the If I Stay/Where She Went duo by reading Where She Went
  • Continue with the Ruby Oliver series by reading The Boy Book
  • Read Wednesday Wars, the companion book to Okay for Now

And I actually have plans to maybe start a series or two in the next month (I know, I’m SO bad), so if I enjoy those first books, I may edit the list of series to work on.  If that happens, I’ll let you all know in my midway update post.  I’m also hoping to join in the mini-challenges as they are on some fun topics, but I can’t promise that at this point since I’ve got an insane month coming up at work and that always cramps my blogging style.

This should be a fun challenge and I’m looking forward to finishing out a few of these series so I can start a million more next year!

5 thoughts on “Series Catch-Up 2012: Intro Post

  1. Series are always so dangerous. “It’s only one more book,” and then, if it’s still in progress, you have an eternal wait for the next leg of the story. Such agonizing fun.

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