I Had a Baby

I haven’t been around the blogging world at all for the last two months, but I have a good excuse… I had a baby!

Lydia Joan was born March 20 at 5:16pm. She was an itty bitty 5lbs, 8oz and 18.5 inches.  And life hasn’t slowed down for one second since she got here!

One Day Old

One Day Old

Being a mom is awesome.  I’m still sneaking in some reading time, but I’m not sure that reviewing books will happen again any time soon.  My internet time is mostly limited to checking Twitter on my phone!  I want to post some things about my experiences with a newborn and plan on just using this blog to do so… so stay tuned for that.  We’ll see if/when I can get back into reviewing once Lydia gets a little older.  Until then, I hope you don’t mind if I post sporadically and on a more personal level.  I miss all you blogging friends!

My smiley girl at 7 weeks old

My smiley girl at 7 weeks old

4 thoughts on “I Had a Baby

  1. Congratulations!! She is adorable! Looking forward to hearing from you when the reading picks up again. I remember what that was like when my son was born–very hard to get much reading done for the first 3-4 months or so!!

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