15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Confessions

I’ve been a miserable book blogger lately.  That whole having a baby thing and working full-time has really taken its toll on my reading and blogging time and any time that could go to those two activities has gone to reading exclusively.  I am considering making some changes to my format, but haven’t had the chance to get past the idea stage on that yet.  Anyways, when I saw April at Good Books Good Wine was hosting a 15 day Book Blogger Challenge, I thought a ha!  This seems like the perfect way to get back into blogging in a very low-key manner.  So, without further ado, here is post #1.

My 15 bookish confessions:

1. I am the worst at bookshelf organization.  When we moved two years ago and I put my bookshelves back together, I somehow made a couple of the shelf heights really short, forcing me to organize my books by height.  And I’ve been too lazy to readjust the shelf heights so that I can organizes by subject or author or anything sensible.

2. I have discovered lately in reading aloud to my daughter that I am terrible at doing voices.  Like… I can do an accent, but I can never repeat the same one over and over again.  And my male voices are just bad.  Hagrid ends up sounding Scottish some of the times, Texan other times, and rarely ever deep-voiced.  I guess there goes my career as an audiobook narrator.

3. I started reading my daughter Harry Potter because I got really bored of reading her picture books and board books.

4. I am not really a fan of Dr. Seuss.  Reading Green Eggs and Ham out loud once was enough to make me batty.

5. I don’t think I’m a very discerning reader when it comes to audiobooks.  If the narrator is good enough, I’ll put up with mediocre writing.

6. I am a little annoyed that it is summer and suddenly all the YA books I want to check out have waiting lists because teens are actually reading them.

7. I love my Kindle, but am too cheap to buy ebooks, so I rarely ever use it.

8. I am over YA romance.  I just can’t take the angst or the cheesiness any more.

9. I am a reading multitasker.  I read while I eat, while I feed the baby, while I watch TV, while I drive (audiobooks), etc.   I rarely ever sit down to just read.

10. I like to believe that we should all just read what we like and not judge others’ taste in books, but I am not very good at practicing this.  I really question the judgment of anyone who gushes over Shatter Me.  (Sorry if you like it, I just… don’t understand how anyone thought that was good writing.)

11. I am old enough that I have moved past wanting to kiss or marry the boys in books.  Instead I want to adopt them.

12. I want to be someone who enjoys reading smart books, like the classics or non-fiction or whatever, but I am not.  It’s like pulling teeth and I just don’t care about making my brain bigger and better enough to suffer through it.

13. I can’t browse books at the library or bookstore.  I have to go in with a pre-planned list or else I end up overwhelmed or in possession of books I don’t really want to read.

14. I have been known to use my phone as a bookmark when no paper can be found.

15. I have always thought about joining a book club, but the idea of having to read a book that someone else chooses for me repulses me.  I’m finally at the point in my life where I can read whatever I want and I like it!


7 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Confessions

  1. I love that you’re reading the baby Harry Potter.

    7. I know Kindle books can be expensive. See if you can get library books on there! It’s pretty awesome.

  2. #6 and 11 made me laugh out loud. Love that you want to adopt the boys now (I didn’t think about it but I do that to – although I still have book crushes – not on teenage characters though).

    I’m in a book club and while it is frustrating sometimes to force yourself to read something someone else chooses I think it’s worth it. Plus my book club is super laid back and if you didn’t read it – or couldn’t finish it’s no big deal. You can add to the discussion if you only finished 20% just by talking about why you couldn’t finish.

    • I guess there are some adult male characters that make me swoony, but definitely fewer and far between. And really? The male characters I gravitate towards are always people I would never want to know in real life. I like the bad boys and the ones with emotional baggage who won’t commit. No thanks, I’ll keep my nice and boring husband.

  3. Totally agree about the guys. I feel like I look at everything from a teacher POV and I’m like, that boy needs some counseling and a role model, stat! I don’t think I’ve ever had a “book boyfriend.” It kind of weirds me out.

    I’m over YA romance too. I prefer historical fiction and science fiction/fantasy. Romance is usually just too high school and again with the teacher POV. I can’t.

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