Mini Reviews: Part 3

It has been since February since I’ve actually reviewed a book I read.  This is my attempt to catch up on reviews.

The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich

When Lydia was really little, I went on a (second) rash of reading Stephanie Plum books.  I didn’t have to think about what to read next, there was always another and they don’t require much brainpower or time to get through.  Anyways, I read books ten through nineteen back-to-back and they are all pretty much the same Stephanie Plum formula that we know and love.  Stephanie’s cars get blown up, she flirts with Ranger, is on-again-off-again with Morelli.  Grandma Mazur is still trying to get a peek into closed coffins.  Lula goes on diets that include fried chicken and wears lots of gaudy spandex.  There is a mystery somewhere in there that Stephanie has to solve in order to track down a skip.  It’s a fun formula and it worked well for maybe the first half dozen books, but uhh, it wears thin at some point.  The characters almost become caricatures of themselves and the series loses some of the tension that drove the early books– the sexual tension of the love triangle and the tension that came from actually scary skips (Benito Ramirez in One for the Money was a pretty terrifying character).  Anyways, I think I am done with Stephanie Plum, but it was fun while it lasted.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I jotted down my thoughts about this one on Goodreads:  This book was weird and I definitely would not have enjoyed it if I had read it as opposed to listen to the audiobook. The writing is pretty mediocre– way too descriptive and some of the descriptions were silly (there was a line in there about how a girl’s face turned from stony to very stony). But the characters were interesting and there is lots of crazy paranormal stuff going on that is intriguing. At the end of the day, though, I could not tell you what the plot of this book was. It does have a sequel, but that is no excuse for a book to have a lack of discernible plot. I listened to this because it was free and won’t follow up unless I find the sequels for free.

I gave it two stars.  And coming from a distance of 3 months after reading it, I can tell you I won’t read the sequels.  And I think Gancey is a good cat name.  Someone who is a cat person needs to get on that.

Feed by M.T. Anderson

The society in Feed is essentially hyper-consumeristic.  Most people have a “feed” installed in their head that is sort of like a mash-up of a television/radio/phone/social network.  While it provides entertainment and connects people to one another, it is largely a way of constantly bombarding people with ads.  There is some plot here where Titus meets Violet and they go feedless for a brief time and then fight against the feed.  Basically this is an interesting social commentary, but I didn’t really enjoy much else about it… so it came up at three stars.

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