My 2014 Goals

I am a little late to the game in getting up my goals for the 2014 year, but having a baby seems to mean I am late to the game on just about everything, so I guess that is not too unexpected.  It also doesn’t help that the first time I wrote this post I had a bunch of overly general goals, the sort of thing that I couldn’t really measure, so I would never be able to tell if I completed them or not.  Anyways, after some reconsideration, here are my goals for the year…

Reading Goals

1. Read 60 books.  This should be a pretty easy target for me to hit.  I read 52 books last year even with adjusting to a new baby, so if I keep up my reading patterns, this should be no issue at all.

2Of those 60 books, 25 should be audio-ebooks or ebooks.  I want to do less reading on paper this year.  It’s partly a matter of convenience (fewer trips to the library) and partly a matter of personal preference.

3. Read at least 1 classic.  I managed to read a couple classics last year and it was a good exercise for me, so I plan on doing it again this year.

4. Participate in Dewey’s ReadathonThis might be too much to expect of myself, but I think I might be able to readathon while the baby sleeps and for maybe a couple hours while she hangs out with her dad.  But this was my favorite blogging event to participate in, so I would like to at least attempt it.

Blogging Goals

1. Post weekly.  I’m not really good about posting when things get super busy for me, but I think posting something once a week is attainable.  Now, if I actually follow through is a whole other question.

2. Get personal.  I’ve noticed a lot of book bloggers expanding into more personal content, as interest in reviews seems to be waning.  I know that I tend to read and interact with personal posts more consistently than I do reviews.  So, I’m going to try to come up with some sort of non-review, personal content.  I have no idea what this will be yet.  I’d love to hear how you incorporate other content in your book blogs, so please share ideas with me!

3. Give the blog a facelift.  I really haven’t ever done any aesthetic work on my blog.  I am also pretty sure my review index and bio need to be updated.  I’ve been at this almost two years.  It’s time.

Other Goals

1. Master 5 new recipes.  I have been cooking more on the weeknights than I used to, but my repertoire is pretty limited.  I tend to stick to convenience-type meals and these aren’t the best health-wise, so I really need to take the time to look for some quick, easy, healthy recipes to master.  I am not super comfortable in the kitchen and I would like to be at least competent enough to feed my family a couple nights a week.

2. Get some exercise.  I am not feeling very good about making this happen right now, but I would like to find a way to be more active.  It seems a little overwhelming trying to fit anything else into my schedule, but I would at least like to put it on this list so I can put it out in the universe.  Sometimes that motivates me to do things.

3 thoughts on “My 2014 Goals

  1. Ugh…cooking. As I failed at making a recipe last night, I basically decided once and for all that I hate cooking. I really do and I am terrible at it. I want to like it…I just can’t!

    One of my goals this year is to exercise regularly too. Another thing that I hate, but need to do. No excuse now with a treadmill upstairs!

    • I sometimes like cooking, but I really just need time and space and to not be hungry to enjoy it. And those things are in short supply. Weeknights are just so busy, I really don’t know how people regularly cook real meals on a daily basis.

      Ugh. Exercise. I think the only way it will happen for me is if I get up at like 5am and do an exercise video before the baby wakes up. That just sounds sooooo unappealing!

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