October 2015 Roundup

I know that every month seems to go by in a blur at this point in adulthood, but October especially seems to have flown by this year.  I again read like the wind this month, especially on audio, finishing FIVE audiobooks this month out of a total of nine books.  I had some mixed luck with my reading this month– several REALLY awesome, book-hangover-inducing reads and a couple total duds, not a whole lot of middle ground.  My most anticipated read of the year came out– Career of Evil— and was totally awesome, so yay for expectations lived up to!

Blogging… eh, I posted a couple reviews this month and half-drafted some other posts that never went anywhere and will most likely end up in the virtual trash can.  I am just kind of glad I got something up, as I’ve been feeling equal parts busy and lazy lately.

Oh, hey, guess I should mention that I completed the Read Harder Challenge finally!  Woo!  I might put together a quick wrap up post before the end of the year as kind of a review of what I learned/would I do it again/here’s what I read.

As for other life stuff, October involved a lot of family time, a couple rainy weekends, and trick-or-treating with the child for the first time.  The weather has been nice enough to get out and about and we’ve spent a lot of time at the park.  I am seriously sad to say goodbye to weeknights at the park, as it is just too dark by the time I get home now that DST has ended.

I’ve also kind of hit the hugely pregnant stage (earlier and bigger and badder than last pregnancy) and have been dealing with the discomforts that brings.  We are slowly getting ready for this baby to come, but I have high hopes to get everything major done before New Year’s, so I guess we need to pick up the pace.  This second pregnancy has been a whole other beast for me than the first.  I kind of feel like they’re going to hand me this kid in a couple months and I’m going to be like, wait, where did this come from?  But at the same time, I’m so uncomfortable most of the time that it’s impossible to forget there’s a little person waiting to join our family.  Mostly, I’m just glad I’m so much less anxious than I was the first time around.  I’ve learned the real time to panic is when the baby is actually here (ha!).

Anyways, on to book stuff again…

Books Read in October:

After You by Jojo Moyes (audiobook)

Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch

The Final Detail by Harlan Coben

Burned by Ellen Hopkins (audiobook)

Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center

The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (reread, audiobook)

Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (audiobook)

Kulti by Mariana Zapata (audiobook)

In the Works: I am sort of between books at the moment.  I started Gillian Flynn’s short story, “The Grownup,” last night and while it’s definitely something you could read in one sitting, I did not.  I think after that I’ll be reading Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, which is loved by just about every reader I know and I somehow haven’t really had it on my radar.  It was on sale for Kindle, so yeah, time to get on it.  I’m stuck waiting for my next Audible credit and I don’t know what to spend it on quite yet, so no audiobook going right now.

I am hoping the rest of this month is very productive in terms of baby prep and just general pre-holiday craziness prep.  The only big plans are to do some furniture shuffling (I guess I’ll just be supervising this) and to go see the in-laws for Thanksgiving.  And hey, maybe I’ll actually blog a little bit, too.

How was your October?  Whatcha reading?


2 thoughts on “October 2015 Roundup

  1. Congrats on finishing the Challenge! I’ve probably not gonna finish for reasons that I plan to blog about later. Doesn’t it suck to be waiting on an audio credit when you’re out of options:(

    Does your library have any audio ebook options? Omaha’s is surprisingly decent.

    • Yeah, the library selection here is not bad, but I’ve had a hard time deciding what to read next and couldn’t make a decision on what to check out. My credit will be here on Tuesday, so I can deal with listening to music for a few more days (except my favorite radio station is a public radio station and has been doing pledge drive, which is just… awful).

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