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I don’t accept review requests and won’t post promotional material.  If you want to know why, read my post about how I don’t want to sell books.

I’m on Twitter all the time and love hearing from other book lovers.  So, if you don’t want to sell me something or want me to sell something for you, please get in touch.

Email: donttakemybooksaway [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: @donttakemybooks

4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Absolutely lovely. I am awestruck by all that you have read and the creative blog you have started. Very impressive! I promise I won’t take your books away. Ever.

  2. Hello; I came across your blog via the word – dystopia.. the opposite of Utopia, So I read your review of “The hand maiden’s tale” an interesting and imaginative story of society’s possible morays.

    You commented it was a scene…. hard to be believed, a scenario of people allowing such an extreme state to rise. I think you overlooked Nazi Germany… it took just 4 years to produce a totalitarian extreme rascist Germany who practised state euthanasia.. In Britain in 1916 we had a government that murdered people who refused to carry a gun – the pacifists and the mass of people approved.

    But to return to books… Can I recommend Kazuo Ishiguro book – “Never let me go.”. . Ishiguro is a Japanese born English man ; he has many books to hois name including “The remains of the day.” and he has won the bBooker prize so he is no mean slouch.. You might be interested in my daughter’s blog on summonedbybells

    • I think Atwood made a deliberate decision to point out how quick a society can be upended… I guess from my own comfortable position it was hard to grasp at times. But, you’re right, it is possible and with historical precedent.

      I have read Ishiguro in the past and really enjoyed both Never Let Me Go and Remains of the Day. Thank you for your comment!

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