TGIF: Literary Vacations

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TGIF at GReads is a feature for recapping the week’s posts (which I’m skipping this time since I did that yesterday pretty much) and answering a book-blogging question posed by Ginger.

This week the question is: Literary Vacations: If you could take a trip this summer to any place within a fictional book, where would you go? Tell us about your summer dream vacation!

My answer is HOGWARTS from the Harry Potter series!!!  I have always really wanted to go to Hogwarts.  I mentioned the other day that I would be a professional student if I could, so I think that a vacation to a magic school would be right up my alley.  Also, I might have magic talents I don’t even know about yet.  I am eagerly awaiting my field trips to Hogsmeade, classes with Prof McGonagall (who would be one of my favorite teachers because I always love the strict teachers), and time spent exploring the castle and its grounds.  I look forward to the camaraderie of living with my fellow students and goofing off a bit.  And I won’t lie, I am hoping to spend some quality time in the library with some of those crazy wizard books.  I think I’d go down to Hagrid’s for tea every so often, though, I’m not entirely sure I could handle his taste in pets.  Oh, and I wouldn’t mind taking a bubble bath in the Prefect Washroom.  That thing is enormous, but we’d have to figure out a way to keep Myrtle out.  She’s just too depressing.  And since it is a vacation, I am going to forbid any of the bad stuff that happens at Hogwarts from happening.  I mean, no vacation needs Voldemort in it.  Please book me one ticket on the Hogwarts Express, please.

What about you?  What literary vacation would you take?

9 thoughts on “TGIF: Literary Vacations

    • I haven’t read enough Narnia to know if that’s a place I’d like to go (only read The Magician’s Nephew so far).

      Oh yes, I neglected Diagon Alley… of course I’d have to buy some books and a wand and robes and all that before I went off to school 😉

  1. ooh, hogwarts. i would love to go to the room of requirement! and i would like to be sorted. (although every sorting test i’ve ever taken indicates hufflepuff, go badgers!)

    • I would like to go to the Room of Requirement, too, but I’m not really sure what I require so I’m not really sure I know what would be there. But it would be sort of psychologically revealing to see what the Room of Requirement is for me.

      I have actually never taken a sorting quiz (wtf, Elizabeth), so I might be googling that right about now…

  2. I chose Hogwarts too! Along with some other places because apparently, I am going to be rich on this trip and go around the world pretty much!

  3. Oh I love Hogwarts! Seems like everyone wants to spend their vacations there! 😀
    Sitting by the tree beside the lake, with the Giant Squid moving in the background! And Quidditch! Aaah! 😉

    • It would be quite an exciting vacation, I’m sure. And it makes me so happy that all the comments are reminding me of MORE things I’ll have to do when I get to Hogwarts! haha

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