A Day in The Life

Trish from Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity has posted a couple of these Day in the Life posts and is hosting this event so other bloggers can share a bit of their lives with one another, too.  As a kid, I kept really boring journals accounting for my days, but I always loved going back and seeing what I did on a particular day, so I thought this would be a fun way to kind of recapture that spirit.

I recorded the happenings of Thursday, March 26, 2015, which wasn’t a totally normal day because I had to take Lydia (my 2 year old) to the doctor and to school (school drop off is usually the husband’s job), but other than driving all over town in the morning this is pretty much how an average weekday goes for me.

5:45am- My alarm goes off, I hit snooze twice

5:55am- I get up, shower, do my hair and makeup

6:30am- Lydia wanders into my bathroom as I’m finishing up my makeup, startling me since she’s only ever gotten out of bed on her own in the morning one other time, I finish getting ready

6:33am- Lydia and I feed the dogs and let them outside

6:38am- We go to change Lydia’s diaper and get her dressed, we also end up playing with her new Minnie Mouse nightlight that she discovered in our living room while I was letting the dogs out

6:48am- I make breakfast- frozen waffle for the kid, Honey Nut Cheerios for me

6:52am- Ask Lydia to go wake up Zack (my husband)

6:55am- Sit down to eat breakfast with Lydia

breakfast with L

7:04am- I’m done eating, so I go to pack lunch while Lydia finishes eating

7:07am- I realize that the husband hasn’t gotten out of bed yet, so I yell at Zack to get out of bed and also get harassed by Lydia for not sitting and watching her eat

7:11am- I clean up breakfast dishes and pour coffee into travel mugs

7:14am- We go to brush our teeth, the toddler whines, I get dressed, we both put our shoes on, give kisses to Zack, and get loaded into the car. Carseat drama is minimal, which is rare.

7:33am- We leave for the doctor’s office.

7:56am- We arrive at doctor, check in, and wait

8:04am- We get called back, the nurse gives Lydia her shot (and she doesn’t even cry!), we check out and get loaded back into the car. Some carseat drama this time.

8:14am- We leave for school.

8:45am- I drop Lydia off at school and that goes very smoothly.

8:50am- I finally head to work, listening to my audiobook, Debt: The First 5000 Year

9:15am- I arrive at work and park the car

9:25am- I start working, checking email, chatting with my coworker

10:01am- Another coworker comes over to chat

10:17am- I go to grab water, say hi to a third coworker

10:28am- Back to work

11:55am- Time for a snack break, I check my email and Twitter and renew my library books

12:05pm- More work

1:00pm- I go eat lunch in the Student Union and I read Carnival at Bray

2:00pm- Back to work, intermittent Twitter/email checking

4:24pm- Start drafting this post

4:42pm- Do the couple of work items that have come in since I last checked

5:00pm- Head home, deal with construction-related traffic

5:40pm- I arrive home and notice our sprinklers are on, but shouldn’t be, Zack resolves that quickly, Lydia comes out to the garage to get her stuffed giraffe which was left in my car, we all go inside and I turn the oven on, and change into comfy clothes

5:50pm- Zack and I reheat dinner (leftover lasagna and garlic bread)

6:05pm- We sit down and eat dinner as a family

6:38pm- I give Lydia a bath and brush her teeth

7:02pm- Put Lydia into her pajamas, she says good night to Zack

7:08pm- I read Lydia several books, get her tucked into bed and sing her a few songs, kisses and hugs good night

7:21pm- Lydia is down for the night (though she fusses a bit), I play on my phone, talk to Zack, we joke about the jungle in our backyard (it has rained constantly the last few weeks) and he decides to mow the backyard

7:34pm- Zack mows and I decide to watch TV and cross stitch, Dirty Dancing is on TV so I put it on to watch for the millionth time

8:25pm- After mowing, Zack ran to Sonic for a snack, so we eat a snack and watch more Dirty Dancing, Zack makes fun of me for knowing all the songs (even the mambo routine one)

8:41pm- I go back to cross stitching and watching the movie, my sister and I text about her plans for her first anniversary

9:20pm- I boot up the computer and attempt to finish up this blog post for tomorrow, while watching the end of Dirty Dancing

10:00pm- Get ready for bed, I stayed up too late blogging/watching TV so I won’t bother trying to read

10:??pm– Go to sleep

19 thoughts on “A Day in The Life

    • This was the first mow of the season (I think the last mow was late October/early November). After the snow we got, it warmed up and rained almost daily for 2 or 3 weeks, so needless to say all the weeds in the backyard decided to sprout back up and it was pretty bad.

  1. Mowing struck me as an odd activity in March, too. Although DH did take advantage of a warm day and scalp our grass in preparation for spring aerating and overseeding.

    Love the cute girl photos!

  2. Lydia is adorable. Such a brave girl not crying when she got her shot. Mine saw the doctor Monday and got two boosters. There were tears, but she did well considering. Her father probably would have fainted.

    Oh, I love Dirty Dancing!

    Thank you for sharing your day with us.

    • It’s good, a bit dark, but hitting some truths about teen-parent relationships and grief, so I look forward to seeing where the story goes (I’m moving slowly with it).

  3. Dirty Dancing. Such comfort food! 🙂 I absolutely love watching movies I’ve watched a zillion times while working on handicrafts. Drives me husband crazy. Lydia is a doll! 🙂 Love that pretty blonde hair (close to the color mine was as a babe…I keep wondering why my girls aren’t blonde like that!). Thanks for participating! I just recently saw that you’re kind of in the same neck of woods as me! 🙂

  4. Everyone is commenting about Dirty Dancing. We must all be the same age. I am nearly embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t until my 200th or so (give or take) viewing that I realized he didn’t just come back for the DANCE. I always thought he left her again after! I have no idea why.

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